Product description

These hand tied wefts consist of 100% pure human hair of the highest quality. The thinnest weft there is allowing for a comfortable fit while laying flat against your scalp for the most natural look!

Each pack consists of 4 pre-cut hand tied wefts, approximately 10" wide allowing you to fully customize your placement for each guest to achieve their desired look! 

*It is recommended to use 1 Pack for a one row install. 2 Packs for a two row install.* 

Due to the delicate stitching hand tied wefts can NOT BE CUT!

  • Approximate weight of hair per pack: 67 grams
  • Wefts should be re-installed every 6-8 weeks depending on growth to preserve the integrity of your guests hair. 

These wefts should only be installed exclusively by a licensed hairstylist. 

CAUTION: self-tanners, non-mineral sunscreen, chlorine and ocean water have the potential to alter the lighter colors of these wefts. We are not responsible for hair that is exposed to any of these elements. When wearing sunscreen with this hair only use zinc, mineral based sunscreen! 

This hand tied weft provides unmatched quality and comfort, weightlessly blending into and laying flat against your scalp for a natural look. Its thin and pre-cut design ensures complete customizability and easy installation and re-installation by a professional, preserving your desired look with minimal maintenance.


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